Around us
Ice palace Imatra Spa Arena
Ice palace of Imatra is fully equipped with everything necessary for professional athletes.
Football Pitch
Football pitch with natural grass, which is located close to the Ice palace and around 500 m form where you are staying.
Athletics stadium
Modern athletics construction with running lanes, sandpit for jumping, section for throwing.
Ski and ski rollers tracks
If you like cross-country skiing or you are professionally training in any sports to do on skis, then we have an ideal location for you to rest and train, whether it being winter or summer.
Aquapark and SPA centre
Aquapark and SPA complex make you remind yourself of summer even in the harshest winters, with all the fun water activities.
Angry Birds Activity Park
Angry Birds Activity is a new adventure park, located in the Capri shopping centre (Rauha, Lapperanta). The park includes many different amenities for all ages, whether it being children or adults.
Adrenalin Park
Atreenalin and Flow with different rope climbing activities, so you will feel like Tarzan without having to cut ties with civilisation!
Water sports
The good thing about Saimaa is that you can regularly sail or row on boats to go on adventures, which nature has provided and safely return home for dinner!
In a country where the tastiest and freshest fish is in supermarkets and restaurants, fishing transforms from a practical and needed exercise to a sort of Scandinavian meditation.
Horse riding
Equestrian is very popular in Finland. In this country there are around 65 thousand horses, a third of them – Finnish, another third – American trotters, and the rest – riding horses and ponies.
A Tennis court (Imatran Tennishalli), which is a closed court for professionals.There are some professional events held there. Courts can be booked.
Mushrooms and berries
There are legends about the richness of Finnish forests. If you believe them, there are so many mushrooms and berries, that you don't even need to collect them, they will jump into your buckets themselves.
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Katja Jysmä
"My son is 13 years old, he was in spring camp. I came with rave reviews, I liked everything: coaches and participants, training themselves, comfortable houses, delicious food. Most importantly, he said that the atmosphere in the camp was very good)))»
Valery Kubasov
"The son stayed in the camp for two weeks. Loved it! Friendly staff, professional coaching staff, comfortable service... all this left only positive emotions. We wish the camp to the further development and prosperity. See you soon!»
Mary Zhelizko
"My son went through a training course in July 2017 to Leave the child is not wanted at all. With such patience and attention to our children have never been treated. Already after three days training facilities, was visible progress in ownership stick and skiing. Thanks a lot to the coaches!
Be sure to come back again!»
The most popular questions from our clients
Margarita Jivikh
What documents regarding health should be prepared for the camp?
Hockey is my life
You will need:

1. Original documentation for the insurance of the participant with a limit of at least 30 000 euros.

2. A copy of the insurance policy against accident and injury of the Participant during ice hockey in Finland. The policy should apply to the time of sports and provide coverage of risks around the clock, including weekends, night time, as well as directly to the training and competition during the camp

3. Original medical certificate containing information that the Participant is allowed to exercise and he is allowed to practice hockey ( certificate from a pediatrician or therapist)

do we Need a visa?
Hockey is my life
Of course, Finland is one of the EU countries, in this regard, you will need to issue a Schengen visa. Please note that the hotel will provide you with a confirmation of your reservation for your visa after you have paid in advance for the camp
is it Possible for parents to attend training on the ice?
Hockey is my life
Yes, you can. In the Ice Palace free access for everyone, parents can watch the training process. But the coach reserves the right to ask the attendants to leave the ice arena, if he believes that the presence of parents interferes with the training process.
Players have to wear hockey equipment every time from their place of residence to the ice Palace and back?
Hockey is my life
No, you shouldn't. For the duration of the hockey camp, a locker room equipped with lockers and a dryer is allocated for Participants, where they can leave their hockey equipment.
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